by James Fawcett June 18, 2014 A

CURBS – Children in URBan Situations, is an organisation that aims to support those that are working with children in the urban environment. This is what they say on there site:

CURBS advocates strongly for an approach to children which starts in their urban world, values their spirituality and recognises their developmental needs.

CURBS has 3 main aims:

1. To promote an approach to working with children which starts in their world, recognises their developmental needs and values their spirituality.

2. To provide Christian resources for inner city children and those on outer urban estates for use in church-linked Sunday, mid-week, holiday activities and similar settings.

3. To provide support, training and encouragement for children’s workers in such areas by means of training and resource days, networking and partners.

They also have some resources available, here. If anyone has had experience with CURBS resources and can/would recommend then please do comment below.