Christian Aid Collective

by James Fawcett April 2, 2015 A

Hi there. I’m Sarah and I am part of the Christian Aid Collective. What’s the Collective, I hear you cry? Why would I want to know?

Because, my friends, the Collective is a movement of young people who are inspired by faith and passionate about ending poverty. We’re a pretty enthusiastic bunch!

We’re inspired by the early Christians, who were full of the zeal and inspiration of Pentecost, and actively put this faith in God into practice, sharing their lives and ending poverty between them. We want to change the world by creating community, and that includes YOU.

For as long as I can remember, I have always believed wholeheartedly that God is love, that He has immense love for people all over the world and that the best way to know Him is to put that love in action.

For me this means loving my global neighbour by acting to end poverty and raising awareness about the things that keep people in poverty and cause suffering for those in need. Things like floods caused by climate change washing people’s lives from underneath them. Things like tax dodging which robs the poor of better services like healthcare and education.

We, the Collective, want to inspire this same passion in young people, we want to ignite that spark in our generation.

As an intern I’ve had the privilege of meeting youth groups from all over London and acting with them to end the structures that keep people in poverty, and I’d love to meet YOUR youth group too. Collective Interns all over the UK and Scotland can be a resource not only by helping to lead sessions on social justice, but also sharing resources which tackle the big questions and suggest ways to make a better world a reality.

Our resources explore issues such as climate change and tax justice and look at the ways that passages from scripture can inspire action, following Christ’s call to serve the poor.

The Christian Aid Collective Blog is a fantastic place to hear from young people and students who are doing their bit to combat climate change, reflecting on justice or campaigning to make their university stop doing business with tax dodgers.

Why not write a blog for us to tell us what you’re doing to combat climate change, or about how faith can inspire action?

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