Church Growth Report

by James Fawcett August 6, 2014 A

The recent report called FROM ANECDOTE TO EVIDENCE Findings from the Church Growth Research Programme 2011-2013 offers some insights to young people in church and their effect on church growth.

Growth is found where there is a high ratio of children to adults. Churches which offer programmes for children and teenagers are more likely to grow. Three quarters of churches that offer retreats, conferences or camps for youth report growth, against half among those who do not.

This was an extensive report, it was encouraging to read that the report was not offering a recipe for church growth and not even saying there is one particular favoured route to church growth rather it said, there are multiple reasons for church growth and that it is a complicated and not  straight forward process. One of the major findings is related to young people:

The increasingly urgent challenge to retain the younger generations in the church has been confirmed. A church with no children or under 16s is very likely to be in decline. Nearly a half of churches have fewer than five under 16s.