Context for some young people

by James Fawcett July 9, 2014 A

Unemployment and young people is a hot topic discussed here, this article is a response to a news item a few months ago which said that there is a ‘lost generation of young people’ that have low aspirations and opportunities. The article has drawn from the Understanding Society study.

…the numbers show that most young people don’t consider themselves to be a lost generation. 4 out of every 5 16-20 year olds are optimistic that they will be successful and get ahead in life.

Having said this the study goes on:

One quarter are pessimistic about finding the right work – they can’t see themselves getting a job in their desired field. And only 43% think it’s very likely that they will get a place at uni or on training in their preferred field.

This is certainly the response that is experienced in some of the poorer urban areas, with higher levels of unemployment, less opportunity for young people to have positive role models, modelling employment.  Young – the article author finishes off by saying:

The 16-20 year olds we surveyed don’t see their future through rose-tinted spectacles. Things are hard for young people these days, and as Channel 4 News’ spotlight on this generation shows, they are likely to be the first generation in modern history that won’t be better-off than their parents. But, to some extent, their expectations have changed with the climate – challenged and worse-off they may be, but lost they are not.

Questions are raised by this article, which could lead to action:

How is the church/youth ministry helping young people to deal with this?

How does our youth ministry support young people, both emotionally and practically through this situation?

Please share if you have any experience or helpful suggestions below.