‘Equals’ by Jenny Baker – A review

by James Fawcett April 27, 2014 A

Written by Jenny Baker this book is subtitled ‘Enjoying gender equality in all areas of life’. Who would have thought in 2014 we would need another book telling us about equality but as Baker points out so clearly, we do! This balanced and measured book helpful and practically reflects on a issue that affects everyone. Numbers still suggest that less young women are accessing youth provision so this is an important topic for us to consider.

The first half of the book outlines the issues. This is presented in a beautiful and relaxed manner, with a good mixture of fact and personal reflection, it helpfully points out some interesting facts and offers a great place to start conversation with people. It also helps to reflect on how we might need to offer support/resource/encourage/inspire/empower the young women that we currently engage with. An interesting conversation starter might be this quote, it could be used to talk about young women and politics.

Rwanda, Sweden, and Afghanistan have a higher proportion of MP’s than the UK

The second half of the book looks at practical tips for addressing equal relationships. Again this is packed full of practical examples of ‘how’. This again offer the opportunity to reflect on our own lives both personally and professionally and ask questions about how we are oppressing or oppressed.

If we are to help children and young people to reach their full potential, then we shouldn’t have gender-bound restrictions on what that potential might be.

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