Good Neighbours Report

by James Fawcett August 11, 2014 A

This is some of our current reading, produced by the Church Urban Fund.

It is full of interesting and important reflections on how the church is and can be and is, involved in the communities it finds itself. There will undoubtedly be further reflections and discussion around this report (please feel free to do that below in the comments) but one major reflection is around its use for communication. The potential to use this report as a tool to speak to and justify current work of the church and need for youth work, to a variety of audiences is great. Whether you are looking to encourage volunteers, gain new volunteers, talking to elders or PCC or even funders and managers. Sometimes it is helpful to have a report to fall back on and some new language.

I also found it encouraging…

Churches are alive to what is often a hidden dimension of deprivation, which is a dearth of social connections – relationships – that make life both possible and meaningful.

…Amen to that.