Heidelberg Project

by James Fawcett April 26, 2015 A

We visited this project in Detroit, here is it’s vision as laid out in the leaflet:

Mission: The Heidelberg Project’s Mission is to change lives and communities through art. The HP’s theory of belief is that a community can re-develop and sustain itself, from the inside out, by utilizing its culture and creativity as essential building blocks. To accomplish its mission, the HP is actively engaged in art creation and curation, community development and art education.

Vision: The Heidelberg Project (HP) envisions a community redefined, activated, engaged and thriving through the creative stimulation of residents, their surrounding landscape, and resources. The HP vision can serve as a model for communities throughout the world.

It was started by Tyree Guytonn in 1986 who wanted to change his neighborhood and help others to too. There are regular holiday programs and youth programs where people visit and help to continue to change the area in the hope that they go back to their own areas and make a change in their own areas.