Hijab for a week…

by James Fawcett October 22, 2014 A

How we perceive people and how we then subsequently judge them I find extremely interesting, especially as youth workers. I found this article an valuable insight.

We rely on our ‘instincts’ a lot as youth workers and this often means we judge situations and young people quickly in order to work with them and get our desired outcome. As much as we proclaim and are taught our equal opportunities we are prejudice, we pre-judge. I’m thankful for my prejudice it has got me (and other youth workers/volunteers and young people) out of  trouble a number of times, whether that I’m assessing young people as they enter a space I am managing or stopping situations escalating.

Linked to that ‘managing a space’ is an interesting concept. That we would manage means we change the dynamic therefore we prejudge.

Look out for your prejudice this week!

This article could also form a basis for a conversation with a group of young people.