by James Fawcett January 3, 2014 A

John Vincent in his book ‘Into the City’ written in 1982, discusses a spirituality of incarnation.

Vincent offers the concept of ‘levels’ of incarnation as we approach aiming to be incarnational in our situations. He writes from his perspective of the city. At, the last level – the eighth – he states;

…there is the level of the new city. We need to be backyard visionaries; plucking from the future the things that all humanity seeks, and digging in bits of them in the city backyards

Into the City, 1982 pg136

This concept is exciting as youth ministers we are aiming to be incarnate enough to be present in the city: incarnate enough to be sowers of seeds of hope for the future, sowing in the city backyards.  The backyards are the quiet places, the forgotten places, the personal places, the places of relationship, the places next to our homes, but the places which are not built upon.  We are called to sow here, to have vision for these places, to offer these places to God, to pray for them, to act with the people we meet here, or simply to be with them.

This is something that we are passionate about at Urban Hope. We are striving to do this regularly for the young people we meet in Islington the area in which we are present.

This is the life of the youthworker, and also the life of the prophet. We can find these as interchangeable as we hold hope for the future for the young people and dream dreams with them.