The CONCRETE Academy Fellowship 2022-23

by Mike Rutt October 14, 2021 A

What is the CONCRETE Academy Fellowship?

The CONCRETE Academy Fellowship is a 2 year cohort focussed on the ongoing development of Christians who work with young people


What’s involved?

Over the course of the two years you’ll attend 6 (one per term) weekend community and learning retreats at with. (; take part in monthly coaching sessions with an experienced youth ministry coach; and attend 12 online seminars


What will I learn?

The Fellowship is focussed on both the development of self, and development of practice. We’ll be looking at the current state of youth ministry and the impact that has on our practice, and thinking about how we move from a place of fear to a place of abundance in our ministry. We’ll be looking at how we develop ourselves as individuals and as ministry leaders. And you’ll be given the tools and skills to think through how to answer ‘wicked problems’ and how to launch a new ministry initiative in your context.


Is this ‘by youth workers for youth workers’?

No! We want to learn from wide range of people with a diverse range of skills, talents and experience. Over the course of the two years you’ll receive input and guidance from people who work in a wide range of disciplines.


Is this just for paid youth workers?

No! If you’re a Christian who works with young people – paid, unpaid; part-time, full-time – we would love for you to be a part of the Fellowship.


How much does it cost?

We realise that money can be a limiting factor in the ongoing development of Christians who work with young people. Therefore we have decided that we are only going to charge a £250 admin fee for successful applicants. If you are successful we would also ask if your church or organisation could make a donation to the ongoing work of the CONCRETE Academy.


How do I apply?

Applications to the 2022-2023 Fellowship Cohort are now open. To apply click here or contact us for more information