Like A Girl

by Joy Faulkner June 30, 2014 A

One Monday evening there was shrieking from the top hall here at Urban Hope. I ran into the room and there was a group of girls standing on chairs because someone had seen a mouse. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, ‘what a bunch of girls.’

And that is not ok.

It’s not ok that when someone is scared, sad, nervous, soft, hesitant, weak, pathetic that we call them girls. Being a girl is not an insult or a criticism- and it is about time that we stopped using it like it is.

Always have made this amazing video to challenge what it means when we talk about doing something ‘like a girl’.

What really struck me about the film was about a minute in, a boy is asked do you think you just insulted your sister? To which he says,  ‘no, yeah, I mean I insulted girls, but not my sister.’

He doesn’t mean his sister, and when I think, ‘what a bunch of girls’- I don’t actually mean the girls standing on the chairs, the girls I know are brave and smart and funny. They are complex and interesting and I’ve seen them do amazing things, they just don’t like mice.

Any time any girl does anything, she does it like a girl- and weak or strong, brave or nervous, loud or quiet, success or failure- it’s the fact that she is doing it that makes it girly.