Racial Microaggression

by Emma Betty January 4, 2014 A

An interesting insight in the racist comments that young people have heard on a daily basis. This would make great conversation starter with young people.

Kiyun Kim is a Korean university student at the Fordham University in London. Highlighting racial comments — whether they be attacks or innocent remarks — that she and her friends deal with on a day to day basis, she has created a photography project called ‘Racial Microaggressions’ in order to address the racial comments. Microaggression is the assumption and automatic categorisation of a person of a different race, gender or culture. Often times, it is not meant to be offensive but the speaker can be unintentionally communicating a tone of derogation or hostility.

The students in these photos are victims of the tiny jabs; the unintentional racial comments and stereotypical categorisation solely based on their physical appearances or behaviour. The students are photographed holding up signs that reflect their thoughts on unintentional racial remarks.