Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

by James Fawcett June 20, 2014 A

The MDG’s are coming to an end in 2015, but hopefully not their work and emphasis!

This does however raise some interesting thought provoking questions for the future and in fact the past.

What will the new goals be?

Will there be new goals?

How have we failed to meet the last goals? Both nationally and personally?

What are we doing to contribute to meeting the aims of the goals?

I think it is important as christian youth workers that we are able to communicate using the language that people understand outside of the church the MDG’s help to give us this language, most people can understand ‘reducing child mortality’. The great thing is that it does not require us to change our language as our churches will understand what we say for example ‘promoting gender equality and empower women’ as to why we might run groups for young women as well as external funders or local community groups.

It will be interesting to watch and see what happens next year when these official end and what the worlds focus will be over the next 15 years. Watch this space!