PODCAST: 001: Masculinity Think Tank – Gareth Southgate

December 6, 2018 P

Welcome to the first episode of the CONCRETE podcast.
Natalie Collins, Mike Rutt and James Fawcett discuss Masculinity, and Gareth Southgate, for the first episode.

Topics covered include;
The waistcoat...
What Gareth Southgate shows us about Masculinity and Leadership
The differences between Sports leadership and other types of leadership
What this tells us about what Christian masculinity could look like in the church
Speaking about weakness from a place of weakness rather than from a place of overcoming the weakness
The difference between women and men in emotions; what difference does your gender make when talking about showing emotion?
Parallels between Donald Trump and Gareth Southgate (Yes, really).
The provision of a platform to a huge variety of people via Social Media.
Authoritative parenting.

What a variety!

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