by James Fawcett October 15, 2014 A

A great tool to use with young people!

This could make a great conversation starter with young people. So we tried it.

We used Joel Parés ‘Judging America’ images to provoke conversations at our Monday evening drop in. Young people were invited to look at the images and were asked the following questions.

Are you ever pleased you can keep things hidden?

Is there stuff you wish people knew about you?

Do people ever act like they know you when they don’t?

Do you think people would treat you differently if they knew your story?

Have you ever felt like no one expects you to succeed?

Does how you dress matter?

Do you get judged?

The questions and the photos provoked some interesting discussions with young people, on what it means to be judged and how and why you might make judgements about other people.

Some of the responses from young people included:

‘ I wear a hoody with my hood up when its cold, people think I’m a drug dealer and that I’m not going to get far in life, well to all the haters, I work in a hotel, I’m succeeding!’ (S-16)

‘It doesn’t matter how you dress- people judge you either way’ (k-15)

‘You shouldn’t have to tell people what’s happened in you past to get them to like you’