Review: 4 Views On Pastoring LGBTQ Teenagers

by Ed Cox February 26, 2018 A

In this current climate key terms such as ‘sexuality’, ‘gender’ and ‘LGBTQ’ often crop up in conversations to do with faith, scripture, discipleship, pastoring and youth. It isn’t too hard to find the plethora of finely worded and crafted debates (arguments) that are in the Church and the world today. This area seems to have become a hot-spot for Christians, where battle is done, so no wonder when this topic raises its head does my fight or flight instinct kick in. This instinct is not required to engage with this book.

If you are able to gently hold your view/theology/ideology/’insert appropriate term here’ on LGBTQ issues, you will find this book greatly rewarding. The contributors do not seek to give solid answers or to point to something and say definitively “this is the answer”. Instead, they welcome the reader into their experience and journeys. Through storytelling and sharing of their experience, the writers help the reader to look again at the topic of LGBTQ in a way that is not trying to persuade people to their viewpoint. They do this whilst also being able to look again and see not a problem but instead see people, created in the image of God.

In a time where most discussions around LGBTQ and sexuality start with Imago Deo (humanity created in the Image of God) and then go on to a series of caveats that state ‘yet’ and ‘if’ and ‘however’, these writers dare to hold on to that and embrace it. All the while, they maintain their faithful convictions and views in regards to the big LGBTQ questions. The written responses also help to engage and grapple with the writer’s viewpoint whilst holding a different one.

All in all, this is an excellent book to help readers to start engaging with the LGBTQ question more broadly and with a variety of different viewpoints. Indeed there will be parts where the reader will find what is being said as uncomfortable or frustrating, but it is in engaging with this that the reader can further shape their pastoral support for LGBTQ Youth in a fruitful and Godly way.