Social Media – to tell the story

by James Fawcett May 7, 2014 A

How we use social media to communicate what we do is interesting. Here are some great examples.

It is interesting because the thing about social media is it requires you to focus what you are saying to best communicate it. We have heard over the years, many a youth work student, youth worker, senior youth worker, project manager etc waffle on about their work, without saying too much.

Communicating Outputs easier than communicating Outcomes in 140 characters.

1 million young people turned up to sunday school

40 young people gave their consent forms back on time

It is the outcomes, those things that take longer to explain that might be tricky to communicate. Via social media, but equally it offers a great opportunity to practice. It was when we started sharing the stories of the differences we saw at Urban Hope that people ‘got it’ and when the understood they supported and offered resources. It is important we become practiced at recounting the stories of the young people we meet and the changes we see through our work.

If people have any good examples please do post below.