Summer Reflections

by Emma Betty September 22, 2014 A

Here are 5 reflections from our Summer at Urban Hope.


He tells me there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, he’s bored
Mum is working shifts and dad clocked off years ago
He kicks ball in a broken estate cage from lunch to fried chicken dinner
He watches the ‘olders’ circle in the dance of the crack vultures,
they look like eagles to him, riding their peddle-bikes hands-free counting notes and catching joke.


She says she’s without a motive, there’s nothing do round here
Ambling with her mates, she’s on every street you walk down
That’s her summer, and when it rains, she gets wet

Museums are free and galleries full of invitations to interact
The sun is high and parks are green
There is a haze of idealism in the urban summer
But she doesn’t know about this chocolate covered candy bar of opportunity
The only extra curricular she knows is music on her phone, smoking fags on benches and walls.


I know a kid whose Naivety is often measured with autism
He recreates the Doctor Who theme tune with precision in our clubs studio sessions
The door got banged by police
His big brother was their treasure and the hunt was complete
Bags of ‘arry strewn across his stupefied wavy self
The younger looks on as they cuff him for possession ….Of a gun
“Of a gun?”
“I don’t fucking believe it” he said and then played me the Doctor Who theme tune with precision.


H: “You’re a fucking state
You’re a disgrace
I’m gonna come down to the club and drag you home you fucking tramp
I’m not having my sister looking like a fucking wastegirl on the street”
C: Don’t come here ‘H’ please don’t come.
You’re not supposed to talk to me
If you come near me I have to call the police

She punched a wall to release the stress and curled up on the sofa to recharge in the safety of our shared place.


The session finished at 8.30
At 8.30 she said
“You know that bloke who the police shot dead the other day”
“He was my step dad”
“He was the reason I had a lock on my bedroom door and a metal gate outside”
“He was good to me though”
“It feels weird”