The voice of the Youth Worker on Results Day

by Kathryn Kane August 9, 2018 A

Exam Results – “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” Romans 12:15.

A’ Level Results day leads to a demanding night for the London ambulance crews, scooping up students at both ends of the spectrum, those who have celebrated too hard and those who are drowning their sorrows. It’s the second busiest evening of the whole year for the ambulance service, second only to New Year’s Eve.

Society, schools, parents and students themselves place huge pressure on the need to succeed in exams, whether it’s SATs, GCSEs or A’ Levels. For the majority of our young people these are momentous times. They have ideas, plans, hopes and dreams regarding what the future holds. Jobs, apprenticeships, A’ levels, universities or year out adventures, and, at that moment in time, it feels like the future may hinge on what exam results day brings.

We need to be a prophetic voice, redressing the rightful order of God’s sovereignty, our young people’s futures are safe in God’s hands. We need to remind them that their worth is infinitely more than any set of academic results. Whether today brings all that they worked and hoped and yearned for, whether it brings surprising joy or piercing disappointment, their value is not diminished or increased by the results on a slip of paper.

On results day they need to know, ‘We are here for you’, no matter what the examiner says about you. We are standing with you, cheering you on with whoops and squeals of excitement or multiple cups of tea, a hug and a box of tissues.

Let’s make sure we are there for our young people on result’s day, whether it means being available in school or opening up the church, let’s be there rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep. Let’s speak life and truth into our young people’s lives on what, on that day, feels like the most important day of their life. Let’s put our trust in God for their lives and be there for them, and not in the Ambulance service to pick them up later.

The relevant dates for your diary are:
Thursday 16 August 2018 A’ Level Results Day

Thursday 23 August 2018 GCSE Results Day