To America!

by James Fawcett April 10, 2015 A

So i’m off to the USA for 4 weeks. 3 weeks visiting urban areas, youth ministry, youth work and churches and 1 week on holiday! I shall spare you the details of my holiday but keep you up to date with my learning in the first 3 weeks!

So when we set up Concrete Ben and I looked around at what the supporting and resourcing for urban Christian youth workers was like and the only one we found was UWYI in the states. Ben attended a conference a few years ago and this trip is a much broader plan to visit the USA.

I’m spending the best part of a week in Detroit an extremely interesting city in the USA, which I will explore in later blogs, we then go to Syracuse via Niagara (we are driving by it would be rude not to stop!) Then on to Manhattan New York, we spend just over a week here, visiting a variety of projects including a Swedish church – more info to follow! Then on to Baltimore, for a few days, then I fly on to my holiday.

Watch this space for more information as we explore and learn.

The plan is to listen and learn, generally. We recognise that we live in a globalised city in London and this is one of the unique virtues of the urban, so we are going to explore that globe and see what connections we can make.