Vision of Youth Work from the NYA

by James Fawcett September 19, 2014 A

This report has recently been produced by the NYA, it is outlining their vision for youth work in the UK to 2020.

It makes some interesting points and observations. I found it interesting to read this section:

What needs to happen to make our vision a reality:

  • Government must publicly recognise the value of high quality youth work in the ensuring all young people achieve their full potential.
  • Government must identify a budget equivalent to 10% of the cost of youth unemployment as the payment mechanism against social investment and impact bonds specifically for youth work. In 2012 the cost to the economy and direct costs of youth unemployment was some £15 billion. The cost of other negative outcomes for our young people would add many billions more. Government should introduce an appropriate framework to inspect the scope, quality and impact of the local youth work offer.
  • Local government must recognise its position at the heart of the formulation of local statutory, voluntary sector and business partnerships to deliver youth work. Locally councils must take responsibility for place shaping for young people ensuring independent needs assessments are linked to effective co commissioning of an accessible and comprehensive local offer. At a national level the Local Government Association should reinvigorate its partnership with the National Youth Agency to support development and sharing of best practice, drive innovation and audit quality.
  • Twenty of the Ftse 100 must invest in high profile youth work programmes and bodies such as the CBI, BItC and Chambers of Commerce should promote the value for business of such investment.
  • Employers must require all youth workers to undertake JNC approved qualifications relevant to their roles and responsibilities. A register of youth workers should be introduced to provide public with assurance around the quality of youth work practice in the sector.

The impact of this on our work could be great. It is important to keep an eye on the wider world of youth work.